Hot Water Unit Service & Replacement

Hot Water Unit Service and Replacement

The household hot water system working every day to provide you and your family with an endless supply of hot water. Many people take these units for granted especially being located outside in the weather. If you have a storage hot water system these will require some routine maintenance to ensure they are performing optimally.

Hot Water Unit Service and Replacement

Every six months the home owner can flush the hot and cold relief valves to ensure they are working properly, there should be a steady stream of water discharge when the valve easing lever is lifted.

If there is no or slow discharge the valves need replacing.

Also if there is a constant drip from either valve outside of the heating cycle the relief valves also need replacing. Manufacturers recommend replacement of these valves at intervals not exceeding 5 years.
Also, many people may not know but replacing the anodes at 4-5 year intervals depending on water quality on area can also prolong the life of the hot water system.

If your hot water temperature is not as hot as it used to be you may have a faulty tempering valve that needs replacing. This is a valve designed with your family and children in mind to deliver a hot water temperature not exceeding 50 C.

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