Choosing a water-efficient kitchen faucet

The plumber from Bright Water for Plumbing and Gas is currently fixing the blocked sink drain.

WELS-regulated products include tapware, shower heads, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers. Products are tested and given a rating of 6 stars.

The rating label is displayed on the product.

You may be eligible for rebates or other assistance when installing some water-efficient appliances or fixtures.

Flow rates for showers are on the water rating label in liters per minute (L/min).

Every 1L/min difference will save a family of 4 nearly 12 kilolitres (kL) of water and $35 each year (based on an 8-minute shower per person per day with water at $2.99 per kL).

For a family of 4, replacing a showerhead that flows at 15L/min with:

  • a 3-star shower at 9L/min will save 70kL and $210 each year on water bills
  • a 4-star shower at 6L/min will save 105kL and $315 each year on water bills.

There will also be savings on energy bills because less water will need to be heated.

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